The Highway 1 Band


When we heard the Highway 1 band play at the Golden Lion Café’s 2014 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award party, we started following them on Facebook and became fans. When we saw them a year later at the 2015 award party, we knew we had to introduce ourselves and learn more about them.  They were playing familiar songs that people were singing and dancing to and they added such an energetic party atmosphere to the night. 

Joel Thomas "JT" Cook is the group's lead vocalist and his vocal style has been compared to artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Van Morrison, and Johnny Cash.  In addition to being the group's frontman, he's also the primary songwriter for Highway 1 originals, including a fun one called, "Cover of Brevard Live." He has performed all throughout the US as well as stops in Norway and the Caribbean!

Joel Thomas "JT" Cook and Terry "Tea" Wallace.   Photo Courtesy of Highway 1.

Joel Thomas "JT" Cook and Terry "Tea" Wallace.   Photo Courtesy of Highway 1.

Terry "Tea" Wallace is the group's bassist but you may also see him playing along with a harmonica or guitar.  Raised in Florida from the age of 5, he considers himself a true Floridian.  He is the creative talent behind the band's website, its graphics, CD cover design, and all their social media.  When he's not playing or teaching music, you'll likely find him surfing or fishing (like I said, true Floridian!).

In 2011, a mutual friend said they needed to play music together and he was right because they've been playing various locations on Florida's east coast ever since.  Their band, The Half Baked Clams, includes members Scott Searls (Drums), Dan Johnson (Lead Guitar), and Ali Adams (Steel Drum).

Their music is “trop-rock” and it’s a perfect fit for beach bars in Florida.  It has elements of rock and roll, reggae, and country.  They specialize in playing music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's but in their own unique and laid back style.


Video courtesy of Highway 1


If you get a chance to see them perform, it's easy to see why their fun and entertaining style won them the 2014 Brevard Live Music Award for Entertainers of the Year.

They play almost every other month at the Golden Lion Cafe in Flagler Beach but they also play up and down Highway 1 (of course!).  Some other locations you can likely find them are: The Conch House (St. Augustine), Down the Hatch (Ponce Inlet), Squid Lips (Melbourne), Coppola's Bar and Grille (Melbourne), The Original Tiki Bar (Ft. Pierce), and Cobb’s Landing (Ft Pierce). 

Hope you can make it out to a Florida beach bar and hear what Highway 1 is all about!

The Highway 1 Band Website