New Look for Florida Beach Bar

When we were first introduced to Florida Beach Bar in 2011, we were excited that it gave us a road map to explore Florida. We enjoyed the adventure, meeting new people and the thrill of seeing how many new places we could explore. When we became owners of the website in 2015, we knew we wanted to take the fun spirit of it and enhance the experience for future visitors. 

Our new logo has a special place in our heart. Not only did Pinkie Flamingo, the original Florida Beach Bar mascot, get a fresh look, but the state of Florida and our original home states of Wisconsin and Ohio are hidden in her feathers. 

This new website is about 14 months in the making. It's been a labor of love and at times a source of frustration but that's where the cocktails come in! Thank you for hanging on and being patient as we've taken some time off to focus on this new adventure. Every single moment, thousands of hours, have gone in to recreating this website. We've taken the foundation that the original owners, John and Chris, built and tried to give you a more engaged experience.

Florida Beach Bar is now mobile and tablet friendly. The photos are larger and you can engage with them in the gallery. Our blog will be updated frequently with fresh content from drink recipes to spotlights of your favorite bars or bartenders. The connection with google maps allows you to easily get directions on your phone. 

We're not done though, not even close. We are still making adjustments and we have a lot more plans for Florida Beach Bar. So check back often as we have some pretty exciting things in store. 

We hope you enjoy the new look and find it easy to use. More to come and don't forget to tell us about your favorite Florida beach bars here! We'd love to hear from you!  

Sarah and Ryan