Racing's North Turn 2018 Award Party

We headed over to Racing's North Turn to celebrate their 2018 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar Award sponsored by LandShark Lager. This was the 8th time they've placed as a Top 10 Florida beach bar and they once again had an amazing party!

To celebrate their win, Racing's North Turn had balloons and pink flamingos scattered all throughout the bar.  The staff was handing out Hawaiian lei's and there was tropical tiki decor to get you in the beach bar party mood! 

2018 Top Florida Beach Bar award party at Racing's North Turn

2018 Top Florida Beach Bar award party at Racing's North Turn

LandShark Lager was there giving out prizes, beer, and t-shirts...but you had to show off your golfing skills to win!  They also had a huge picture frame that guests could take a selfie in and tag themselves on social media.

Then2Now was back again this year playing so many fan favorite hits like My Girl and the Electric Slide.  Every time this group plays, the dance floor is packed with people dancing the night away. They've become one of our favorite bands and if you haven't heard them yet, please take some time to visit their website and check them out!

This was a special night for us personally as we had a chance to catch up with Rhonda and Walt, the owners of Racing's North Turn, as well as the original founders of, Chris and John.  It was a night filled with great friends, dancing, and an amazing team of hardworking people that earned a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award!

Congratulations to everyone at Racing's North Turn!