Juana's Pagodas 2017 Award Party

June 29, 2017

Kevin and his family accept the 2017 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award

 Juana's Pagodas won a 2017 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award sponsored by LandShark Lager and this was their first time being in the Top 10! 

LandShark Lager was there to help kick off the celebration by handing out tropical lei's, t-shirts, and fun visor hats! There were drink specials and and a fun "Juana-wear" contest... Guests would win prizes based on different Juana's Pagodas T-shirt categories like "Person wearing the oldest Juana's t-shirt" or "Person with a Juana t-shirt that traveled the farthest." 

Stevie Hall and Marsha Marsha Marsha provided the music for this great celebration.  Not only are they very talented musicians, but their entertaining personalities set the mood for a wildly fun night!

Kevin accepted the award on behalf of his family and everyone at Juana's Pagodas.  As a family run business, Juana shared some great memories about the beach bar and all its been through. They thanked so many of the staff members that help make this beach bar one of the best and they thanked their loyal fans who supported them throughout the contest as well as throughout the years.

Congratulations to everyone at Juana's Pagodas and a warm Florida Beach Bar welcome to the Top 10 list!

Juana shares memories at the 2017 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar party

Kevin thanks the staff and the people who voted for Juana's Pagodas this year