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Our Approach
Our mission is to be the top resource for information about Florida Beach Bars and to inspire people looking for adventure in Florida. .

Pink Flamingo Every beach bar included on the site is visited by Florida Beach Bar.
Pink Flamingo Third party evaluations or comments are considered but not used to rate beach bars.
Pink Flamingo Beach bars are rated by an established set of objective criteria that include proximity to a beach, live entertainment and hours offered, food, and other characteristics of a top beach bar.
Pink Flamingo A mathematical model is used to determine the final rating of each bar. It's as serious as we get about the ratings and our attempt to be consistent and objective.
Pink Flamingo The evaluation process is ongoing. Bars are continually added to the list.

A Brief History

When we moved from the Midwest (Cleveland and Milwaukee) to Central Florida in 2006, we were eager to see different areas of the sunshine state, especially the great beaches and coastal towns.  We had both started new jobs and couldn’t afford to take weeks off or spend a lot of money, so we thought we would start by visiting a nearby beach bar. A quick Google search led us to  Aside from the site having a list of great beach bar options, we felt a connection to John and Chris Sancin, the founders.  

John and Chris moved to Florida from Cleveland in 2004 and they started taking weekend convertible rides to local beach bars and joked that it was their goal to find the best beach bars around. One weekend the couple ended up at a beach bar with friends and during the course of conversation they thought it might be a good idea to visit all the beach bars in Florida and share the list on a website. After taking 90 days to travel the entire Florida coastline, visiting numerous beach bars, and documenting their travels, was born.John and Chris Sancin

They were living the dream!  We were so envious of their story and what they were doing, we felt compelled to tell them that we plan on using their site to help us begin our adventure. We made it a goal to visit all of the beach bars they had listed on their site.  They ended up putting our story on the website and created a “Beach Bar Challenge” page so we could track our progress.  We now had an excuse to get out of our house and explore Florida. 

During the 4 years it took for us to complete the challenge, we became good friends with John and Chris and would often meet up with them at beach bars. The journey to visit all of the bars was unlike anything else. We met a lot of great people along the way and bonded with family and friends (view our experiences at

In August 2015, John and Chris felt it was time to pass the tiki torch on and we were honored that they thought of us. As new owners of the site, we strive to continue their mission and expand upon the great beach bar resource that John and Chris established. We want to provide a roadmap for you, like it did for us.

Our mission is to inspire you to visit some of these great places as we shed light on their history, music, stories, and charm.  Whether you are visiting or live in Florida, can help you plan your next adventure or may motivate you to take one!

Beach bars have a way of capturing the spirit of a community and we hope you take some time to see what we mean.

Hope to see you out there!

Ryan and Sarah Conroy

What's With the Pink Flamingo?

The pink flamingo (Pinkie) is Florida Beach Bar's mascot and spokesperson. You'll see her in some of our bar pictures, and she even has her own Facebook page.

In her honor, pink flamingos are used to rate bars (5 pink flamingos is our top rating). Pink flamingos are also used to mark the location of Florida Beach Bars on our maps.

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