LeBarge Tropical Cruise

2 Marina Plaza
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 366-6116


Hours: Departs between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Times change based on Sunset.
Location: In the water
Drink: You Pick
Eat: Snack Food - Hot Dogs and light snacks
Music: During the the cruise
Parking: Public parking
Boat Access: Yes-- N27 19.942 W82 32.634
Unique Feature: It's a floating tiki bar


LeBarge is a totally unique experience to be enjoyed on Sarasota Bay. It is a floating tiki bar. It's not on the water, it is in the water. Every night this tiki bar sets sail in search of the sunset. The cruise is about two hours long. For over 30 years people living in and visiting Sarasota have been enjoying this special cruise.

LeBarge has full size, real palm trees on the upper deck. At the front of the boat, bow as you boaters would say, are both a full bar and the entertainment. Entertainers are usually one man bands that play great island music. Ah, a floating Florida beach bar. And, there are beautiful mermaids on board too.

There are daytime cruises and nighttime cruises. If you are looking for the Florida beach bar cruise, you need to take the Sunset Cruise.

There's dancing, good enough bar food, and full range of your favorite cold beverages. The music never stops, and everyone has a great time. During this two-hour cruise, you may see a few dolphins, and you'll get plenty of waves from passing boaters who probably can't believe they are seeing a Florida beach bar on the water. LeBarge doesn't travel unnoticed. 

The sun sets off Sarasota Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. While you are watching you may just see the legendary "green flash" as the sun dips below the horizon. We've been on the LeBarge and have seen the green flash. After sunset, LeBarge heads back to shore to the sounds of island music while you enjoy another beach bar cocktail. Snack food is available and that mostly means hot dogs. Call for reservations and remember, it's cash only at this tiki bar.

This is a fun experience.We take the LeBarge cruise a couple of times a year. Floating Florida beach bars----gotta love it!!