All Award Winners Overview

The competition for the Best Florida Beach Bar started in 2011 and since then, 22 different beach bars have made the Top 10 list. Winners from these past competitions make up the All-Time Best Florida Beach Bar list. The list below includes all the Florida beach bars that have received a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award since the start of the competition. 

Only three Florida beach bars have made the list every year since the competition began: Jimmy B's Beach Bar on St. Pete Beach, The Golden Lion Cafe on Flagler Beach, and Racing's North Turn on Ponce Inlet.


Jimmy B's Beach Bar

St. Pete Beach

Best Florida Beach Bar: 2011, 2012, 2014-2017
Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2013, 2018, 2019

Jimmy B's is located at the Beachcomber Hotel and it's easy to see why visitors vote Jimmy B's in the top 10 each year.  It offers live entertainment day and night, seven days a week, is located on the beach, and features an indoor and outdoor bar, a large bandstand, and a volleyball court.

This Florida beach bar has a rustic and beachy appearance and is as laid back as it gets. Its friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect gathering place. Enjoy great food and then put on your dancing shoes, or flip flops, and dance to the best local bands. When the sun sets, patrons are offered free Sunset Shooters to celebrate the occasion. The free Sunset Shooters and the breathtaking view make Jimmy B's the perfect place to watch the sun as it fades into the Gulf of Mexico.

Jimmy B's has placed in the Top 10 each year since the competition began!

Best Florida Beach Bar: 2013, 2018, 2019
Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2014-2017

Sharky's on the Pier is located "smack dab" on Venice Beach and features a pier that extends into the Gulf of Mexico. It is a favorite hang out for beach goers, fishers, and, yes, sharks. Sharky’s is not just a clever name... every so often the “big one” that is reeled in is a shark. 

Tiki huts offer the shade and the tiki bar is action packed. There is live music every day of the week and a 2 story deck that allows you to look down on the tiki bar and out onto the Gulf and fishing pier. While you are there, enjoy a beautiful Gulf of Mexico sunset or just some beachy people watching. Sharky's recently had a major renovation and expansion and is better than ever!

Golden Lion Cafe

Flagler Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011-2019

The Golden Lion Cafe is across the street from the beach and holds the distinction as Flagler Beach's most awarded restaurant. The Golden Lion is continually improving and expanding. It is “a place to escape the real world one hour at a time" and who doesn't love that feeling.

The upper deck of this award winning Florida beach bar offers a place to order your food and drink, and sit back and take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean. If you get tired of the beach views, walk downstairs and sit at the tiki bar next to the band stand and enjoy some great live music. And if you prefer a beach, the Golden Lion has added sand and beach chairs at the back of the band stand and next to the bar. 

The staff is very friendly and that adds to the perfect party atmosphere. The Golden Lion serves up award winning Fish and Chips and maybe the best Key Lime Pie you'll ever eat. Enjoy top local and regional talent Friday and Saturday evenings and Sundays.  They have had unbelievableTop Florida Beach Bar parties which included confetti cannons, airplane flyovers, and fireworks!

Golden Lion Cafe has placed in the Top 10 each year since the competition began!  

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011-2019

Located in Ponce Inlet, Racing's North Turn is right on Daytona Beach and sits at the exact location where Daytona's racing history began.

Racing's North Turn is like a combination mini-racing museum and beach bar. If you are a NASCAR fan, this is where the Daytona 500 got its start. When race car drivers come to Daytona, this is where they hang out. 

Today on this beach, where stock cars once raced in the sand, is one of Florida's Top 10 Beach Bars. Racing's North Turn features a large bar, big stage, and plenty of room for dancing. Walk up from the beach and just before you step onto the bar's large beach deck, there's a shower area for cleaning up. This large bar has both in and outside seating. Take a seat at one of the outdoor umbrella tables and enjoy some great food. Then get ready to rock. Music starts every night at 6:00 PM and earlier on the weekends. It's the perfect place for learning some local history and making some longtime memories.

Racing's North Turn has placed in the Top 10 each year since the competition began!

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2012-2018

Bongos Beach Bar was recently renovated and expanded making it a spectacular Florida Beach Bar. 

Bongo's has several levels of deck that provide different areas and sections in which you can enjoy this great atmosphere in the middle of paradise. There are waterfall tables and couches and a long and beautiful wall of fire which is the fire pit for chilly days or cooler nights. Baby Bongos is a bar within the bar located on a separate level. Umbrellas shield this bar from the sun during the day but at night, the umbrellas are lifted up to offer beautiful views of the moon and stars. Tiki torches warm the atmosphere and you provide the romance.

Bongos offers over 200 frozen tropical drinks. There's even a pool nearby that's open to bar visitors. Live bands keep the beach bar crowd entertained every day of the week, twice a day from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Food is served daily until 11:00 PM.  This is a must visit Florida beach bar!

Harry's Beach Bar

St. Pete Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2012-2017

Harry’s Beach Bar is located on St. Pete Beach at the Sirata Beach Resort & Conference Center. Claimed to be the oldest beach bar on St. Pete Beach, there is nothing old about its clean, contemporary decor. This Florida beach bar’s cozy fire pit is a great place to enjoy one of those tropical drinks and sit with friend.

The menu includes great appetizers like BBQ or Garlic Shrimp to Harry's Flat Bread Pizza. This Florida beach bar's famous tropical drink menu features Sirata Punch and a full range of favorites like Rum Runners and Pina Coladas. Walk from Harry's Bar onto the beach and enjoy the fabulous St. Pete Beach sunsets. There is live entertainment on weekdays and weekends from some of the best local bands.

This is such a fun and friendly Florida beach bar that if you haven't been there, be sure to check them out!

Shephard's Beach Resort

Clearwater Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011-2013, 2015, 2016

Shephard's Backyard Tiki Bar is located on the beach, features a large stage and dance floor that jet out over the water. Valet park your car or raft off of an anchored boat and make your way to one of the best beach bars around.

The stage is hardly ever empty and hosts some of the best local bands. The Backyard Tiki Bar has everything from great food to fantastic sunsets. The entertainment is both on stage and in the crowd. There's live music every day that usually starts in the early afternoon and continues through the evening. Get up and dance or simply sit back and savor the incredible sunset, a cool tropical drink, and great beach specialties from the Margarita Grill.

Paradise Bar and Grill

Pensacola Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011-2014, 2019

This unique old Florida beach bar is located in the center of the Paradise Inn, a single story, classic style Florida motel. Just park your car right outside your motel door and walk a few feet to the bar and grill. Walk a few more feet and you are "toes in the sand" on the Santa Rosa Sound side of the island.

Spending your evening here is more like hanging out with old friends than it is hanging out at a typical bar. The staff of the Paradise Bar and Grill go out of their way to make you feel welcome. If you are looking for music, this Florida beach bar is the place. Paradise Bar & Grill features great live bands seven days a week. There is plenty of good food and plenty of beach tables to enjoy both. This Florida beach bar is a great little find and was voted the best on Pensacola Beach.

Ocean Deck

Daytona Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011, 2014, 2016

The Ocean Deck is a landmark Florida beach bar located on the sands of Daytona Beach. The Ocean Deck has been serving the locals, tourists, race car fans and the spring breakers for over 40 years. The upper deck of this two story beach bar overlooks the sand and the ocean, features a bar, restaurant, and drinks served in mason jars. The food is great from "killer fresh fish sandwiches" to prime steaks and seafood. But when it comes time to party, the lower deck is where the Daytona Beach sand meets the dance floor. 

Downstairs you'll find a second bar, stage, and bar area that is open to the beach. Walk up from the beach past the volley ball net and join the party. You'll find a friendly crowd day and night. Enjoy live reggae music and dancing every night of the week. It is a classic Florida Beach Bar that has everything you'd expect from a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar.

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2012, 2015, 2016

Boston's on the Beach offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, is just across the street from the beach, and the views are great. This Florida beach bar offers several areas to dine or to drink.

The main bar is located on the lower level of the main Boston's building is all about Boston's sports teams. Each booth has a it's own private flat screen TV. The walls are decorated in brick and the "green monster" even makes an appearance.

Upstairs is 50 Ocean, a beautifully decorated upscale restaurant and bar. It is the perfect place to enjoy a lovely dinner of lobster, of course, while looking through the large windows at the Atlantic Ocean. 

The newly added Sandbar anchors the south end of Boston's on the Beach. The Sandbar's large tiki hut and bar help make it a perfect beach bar. Tables and chairs are scattered about the sand. Play corn hole with your friends, listen to the music and dance in the sand. This tiki bar area has everything you look for in a great beach bar.

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018

The Flora-Bama is located on Perdido Key, right at the Florida and Alabama border and right on the beach. It is more a collection of bars than it is a single bar. The Flora-Bama has several levels and a tent and each area has its own bar and personality. There is likely to be a band playing somewhere and usually in several places. 

The Flora-Bama is a hurricane survivor that has been rebuilt and expanded to accommodate the large crowds that make the Bama their beach bar destination. It is legendary and the kind of Florida beach bar that songs are written about, like Jimmy Buffett's 'Bama Breeze' or Kenny Chesney's 'Flora-Bama.' The Bama draws people from all walks of life.

The Flora-Bama website describes it as "a place where folks can mingle from hard hats to millionaires, shrimpers to Admirals, hippies to yippies, singer/songwriters to U.S. Senators!" This is a one of a kind place that is a must visit for anyone who likes Florida Beach Bars. There's music daily and partying through the night. 

Sandshaker Lounge

Pensacola Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2012-2014

Sandshaker Lounge is the home of the original Bushwacker drink. Sure, all of Pensacola beach bars will lay claim to it, but it was the Sandshaker that invented it.

The Sandshaker has the feel of a local bar with pool tables and people enjoying other bar games. This Florida beach bar has a tiki bar and the bands play outside on a big stage. And when the band is playing, Sandshaker draws a crowd so be prepared to party. If there is no band playing, you might find a Texas Hold ‘Em game going on. 

You really don't want to miss having that original Sandshaker Bushwacker or choose a banana or strawberry flavored one. When you are ordering a Bushwacker you will be asked if you want 80 or 151 proof rum. That may be your last intelligent decision. It is a classic Florida beach bar, for sure. Oh, and it is not just one bar. There are several bars inside and out of this bar. Come visit and enjoy this Top 10 Florida beach bar!

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2015 - 2017, 2019

Caddy's on the Beach is the kind of Florida beach bar you know you are going to love it the minute you arrive. Every once in awhile you hit the jackpot with the perfect beach bar. You fall in love immediately and don't ever want to leave. 

Caddy's opens up every day at 8:00 a.m. to serve breakfast, lunch, and then dinner. You see? You never have to leave. The service is fast and the place is fun. Caddy's has live entertainment. Check their schedule as it starts at 1:00 p.m. on Fridays through Sunday. On Monday through Thursday it starts at 4:00 p.m. This Florida beach bar has a top deck where only those over 21 can party. It's called 'Coupe De View.' There are great views on the upper deck of this Florida beach bar. There is a saxophone player who plays through the sunsets. How romantic is that?

Toasted Monkey

St. Pete Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2014

The Toasted Monkey is located right on St. Pete Beach on the grounds of the Howard Johnson Resort Hotel. Sit inside or outside at this beach bar and enjoy the great Gulf of Mexico views. Or if you prefer, sit pool side at tiki umbrella shaded tables. 

Twenty-five TV’s spread throughout the bar let you enjoy the beach and your favorite sporting event. The Toasted Monkey features a large beach front deck and volleyball courts. The outside deck is the best place to take in the beach, listen to your favorite beach tunes, and watch the sunset. There is live entertainment 7 days a week starting at 6:00 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays there is live entertainment twice a day. This is a fun Florida beach bar that we hope you visit!

Off The Hook

Ponce Inlet

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011

Off The Hook at Inlet Harbor is located at Ponce Inlet just south of Daytona Beach and features a colorful Caribbean themed bar and lively atmosphere. The tropical casual setting has great food and plenty of entertainment. Sit back and enjoy a cool drink while you watch boaters navigate to the docks as they come to join the party. It's ranked Daytona's top dinning and docking destination, and now, one of Florida's Top 10 Beach Bars.

Off The Hook features a large indoor stage for live bands and its many events. Like any good Florida beach bar, Off The Hook at Inlet Harbor has music that will get you moving in the afternoons and on weekends. In fact, many days they have live entertainment twice daily. This Florida beach bar provides a wonderful place to catch the sunset and the views from this bar are spectacular.

Frenchy's Rockaway Grill

Clearwater Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011

Frenchy's Rockaway Grill is located smack dab on Clearwater Beach. Frenchy's is a place the tourists know and the locals love to go. Anyone from Clearwater knows that when you mention Frenchy's, you're talking about some of the best food on the island. Whether it's great food, entertainment, or just a place to hang out on the beach, Frenchy's Rockaway Grill is the place to be. The colorful umbrellas and tropical interior create the perfect atmosphere to catch a Gulf sunset.

During the day, Frenchy's is a great place for beach goers to stop by for a cold one with friends. Spend your night dancing and listening to the music every night of the week. Live music, great food, and the beautiful Clearwater Beach make this an easy choice for a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar.

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011

The Cottage Bar and Grill is located right on Fort Myers Beach and has been Fort Myers Beach's favorite beach bar for ages. The two story building looks like a cottage with plenty of places to enjoy all that the Cottage has to offer. Dine and drink anytime at the upstairs bar and grill and enjoy panoramic Gulf views. If you prefer sinking your toes in the sand, try the ground level open air beach bar from 11am to sunset. 

The Cottage Bar and Grill is a Florida beach bar with great food, drinks, and live entertainment. The Cottage's full menu includes everything from Garlic Crab Claws to the Cottage's Famous Beach Bread. Live bands play every night Monday through Saturday. The Cottage has everything a Florida beach bar lover could want and now is a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar.

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2011

The Turtle Club is part of Snapper's Waterfront Restaurant in Key Largo. As the locals say, it's at mile marker 94.5. Snapper's is located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Keys with plenty of boat docks. Snapper's opened in 1989, and the property has survived hurricanes, floods and even some pirate pillages. It's rumored that the upstairs was once a house of ill repute. Of course, some of this was all before 1989.

The Turtle Club has plenty of character with old white captain's chairs from boats used for bar stools. The band's stage is designed to look like an old fishing cabin with its own dock and features live bands every night. Its unique old Florida atmosphere and Caribbean style seafood make it a big hit with locals and visitors. The food, atmosphere, and entertainment all add up to a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar.

Lemon Bar

Neptune Beach

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2017-2019

Lemon Bar is a classy little Florida beach bar located right on the beach. This Florida beach bar is popular, and is a great place to get liquid refreshments when spending the day at the beach. Enjoy a delicious,cold beverage while watching the sunset or the moon rise. 

They have a newly expanded menu and live music and the location on the beach makes this a rare Jacksonville area gem! 

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2017-2019

Juana's Pagodas has it all. There is the Sailor's Grill which opens at 8:00 a..m. You can enjoy a lovely breakfast on their deck. They even have fresh baked goods. The smell of breads, muffins, cakes and sticky buns will definitely entice you. At noon the Schooner Bar opens. 

But all the action of this Florida beach bar takes place in the Pagodas. They have live entertainment and dancing and good drinks, and yes, there is fun too. Juana's has lots of planned events and in 2017 they are celebrating their 30 year anniversary. Juana's Pagodas has many bars where you can get fabulous drinks. There is live music in either Club Pagodas which is open from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. The Big Pagoda also has live music, a DJ and special events. 

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2017-2019

Casino Beach Bar and Grille is a contemporary beach bar located at the beginning of Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier and is right on the beach. Whether you are looking for a place to relax after a long day of fishing or beaching or a place to enjoy an evening sunset, this is the place to be. 

The Casino Beach Grille menu offers appetizers, soups and salads, sandwiches, burgers, and tacos. A wide range of drinks include everything from signature cocktails such as the Corona-Rita to featured frozen specialties and a long list of draft, canned, and bottled beers. There is live music. Please check their web site for days and times.


Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2018

Tortugas Kitchen and Bar is where Florida meets the Caribbean and they placed in the Top 10 during the 2018 Best Florida Beach Bar contest.  From their Caribbean wings, to their coconut curry Jamaican-jerked chicken, there is definitely a Caribbean flare scattered throughout their menu items.  Check out their great view of the ocean from the second floor of this great Florida Beach Bar.

Top 10 Florida Beach Bar: 2019

Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill is a fantastic Florida beach bar with great views of the Atlantic Ocean. It used to be a family owned pizza restaurant. After the restaurant was sold in 2006, the owner’s sons bought it back in 2010 and completely renovated it, making it better than ever! Make sure you try their Pizza, Gyros, Waffles, or Flaming Fajitas!

Discover Your Favorite!

There are so many amazing beach bars in Florida that have not yet made it in the Top 10 list so be sure to pay them a visit, and if you like your experience, vote for them during the next Top Florida Beach Bar contest!