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Florida Spring Break
Boasting the second largest coastline in the United States, Alaska has the longest, and its warm tropical weather, Florida is a top destination for spring breakers. Average year round temperatures range from 60 to 85 degrees. Temperatures are cooler in the Panhandle and summer like the farther south you travel. It is the perfect drive or fly-to spring break location offering thousands of miles of white sandy beaches, world famous Florida beach bars and plenty of locations from which to choose.

It was the 1960’s movie “Where the Boys Are” that first introduced the spring break to the masses. The movie takes place in Fort Lauderdale and features a bar called the Elbo Room. Located just across the street from Ft. Lauderdale Beach, the Elbo Room still stands today.

Florida Spring breakers range from college students looking for a friendly place to party and blow off some steam to families with younger children who are looking for a break from cold northern temperatures. Where you go for spring break depends on your budget and your idea of a good time. With all the options Florida has to offer, you are bound to find a spring break place that is your own perfect paradise. There are the popular spring break party destinations and others that offer a quieter relaxed atmosphere. Whatever your choice, be prepared for crowded beaches and plenty of fun in the sun.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

At about 3 miles in length, Clearwater Beach is located just west of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico. Like most Gulf beaches, Clearwater Beach, Florida is known for its fine white sand.

Clearwater Beach is one of the top spring break spots on the west coast barrier islands. St. Pete Beach, another Florida spring break destination, is just a short ride to the south. But make no mistake about it. Once you are at Clearwater Beach you will find all the ingredients you will need for a great spring break experience. Clearwater has plenty of beach and plenty of beach bars.

At the southern end of the Island is the popular Shephard’s Beach Resort with several outside Tiki Bars and the Wave night club. It is a three time winner of Florida Beach Bar's Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award. At the northern end of the beach is Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill and Bar and French's Rockaway Grill, both “toes in the sand” beach bars, both popular hang outs for locals and visitors. There is plenty to see and do in between.

Daytona Beach

Clearwater Beach

Although many of the old beach bars have given way to renovation and rebuilding, Daytona Beach remains a popular destination for spring break. With 250,000 breakers expected you’ll find plenty of action anywhere you go. Since cars are allowed on Daytona Beach, for a mere $5 a day you can drive to find your favorite beach bar or party location. Spring Break activities are planned for beach locations and pool decks up and down the Daytona Beach strip.

Most of the activity is centered around the Daytona Beach's world famous Main Street Pier, the longest pier on the east coast of the United States. It is a focal point for spring break activity. The pier is home to Joe's Crab Shack which features a roof top bar.

The only remaining “toes in the sand” Florida beach Bar is the Ocean Deck Beach Club, a two time winner of the Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award. The Ocean Deck is a staple of Daytona Beach with a downstairs bar that is on the sands of the beach and the east coast's only beach band stand. The Ocean Deck Survival Oasis Beach Party is a major destination for Spring Breakers. Breakers hang out and listen to bands, down their favorite drinks, and win free prizes!

If you are race fan, travel several miles south to Ponce Inlet and you will find Racing's North Turn. Racing's North Turn has made's Top 10 List for 4 years running from 2011 to 2014. Racings's North Turn is a unique and fun place that combines a beach bar, automobile racing, and history into one of the most unique beach bars in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Elbo Room

Spring Break was born in Ft. Lauderdale in 1960 when Connie Francis took to the beach in the movie hit, Where the Boys Are. Back then you only need to see the movie and you wanted to be where the boys and girls are, the beaches of south Florida. The movie centered on a beach bar called the Elbo Room in which became became the unofficial "party central" for hundreds of thousands of college students on spring break.

That was then and this is now. The Elbo Room stands virtually unchanged from the sixties. But the spring break atmosphere is much more subdued. Spring breakers are still welcomed in Lauderdale, the city now promotes its more than seven miles of sparkling beaches as a place for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.

The beaches are beautiful and the bars still plentiful.  Newer bars in the historic district are located in Beach Place and include Atlantic Surf Club, Lulu's, and Da Big Kahuna. Beach place is conveniently located just across the street from Ft. Lauderdale Beach; not a bad place for a beer especially during spring break.

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is a popular spring break destination with miles of fabulous beach, plenty of “toes in the sand” beach bars, and its Times Square town center. There are plenty of hotels, beach resorts and condos on the island.  Spring time temperatures are among the warmest in Florida. It’s a Florida spring break vacation that won’t need to cost you a lot of money. 

Fort Myers Beach is home to over a dozen Florida beach bars, many of which are right on the beach. The town center, called Times Square, is located at the north end of Fort Myers Beach. There are four bars within a short walking distance of each other including Upper Deck at Matanzas, SOB, Lighthouse Resort Tiki Bar, and the Yucatan Beach Stand. Cross the street and head to the beach and there are another half dozen. With the close proximity and variety of these Florida beach bars you are bound to find one if not several that you like.

Spring Break Central is at the rather unique Lani Kai, an old Florida beach bar and resort. This is an older property with a great location. When it comes to fun, music, and partying, it’s one place you won’t want to miss.

Right next door is the Cottage with a beach bar on the upper deck and another beach bar serving to breakers that is right on the beach. Down the beach a bit is Nemo's on the Beach, another great beach bar.

Traffic onto, off, and around the island can be heavy, but the beach bars are so close to one another you don’t need to drive much, if at all.

Key West

Key West

In Key West, every day is spring break. It is the ultimate Florida party town all year long. There are more great bars, music and nightlife here than just about anywhere on the planet. And if your plans call for leaving the States, Key West, also known as the Conch Republic, qualifies. Most everything happens on Duval Street which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico offering coast to coast spring break partying.

The party starts early in the morning in bars like the World famous Sloppy Joe's and doesn’t end ‘till early the next day. Bars like Irish Kevin's, Captain Tony’s, the Hogs Breath Saloon, and Schooner Wharf Bar keep up the pace. There are even some clothing optional bars for those that want to bare it all. Hey, it’s Key West, and pretty much anything goes here.

Smathers Beach provides the sun and the water. It’s not the best beach in Florida, but this southernmost US location makes it up with some of the warmest weather in the state. Top off a day at the beach at Mallory Square with a sunset party filled with street entertainers.

If you are driving to Key West the trip to the Keys can be as much fun as Key West. Key Largo is home to Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill and Tiki Bar. Islamorada’s Holiday Isle has three tiki bars within walking distance. Marathon Key features the Sunset Grille. Overall the Keys are a great place for spring break. You are guaranteed to learn more here than you ever will in school.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is the undisputed “Spring Break Capital of the World” and draws nearly a half million breakers each year. The parties are outrageous, the beaches are packed, and you never know which celebrity you’ll find in the crowd. And getting there is easier than ever with the opening of the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) in Panama City.

The 27 miles of sugar white sand that are Panama City Beach is served by over 21,000 rooms in properties that range from resorts to villas. It is also home to some world famous “toes in the sand beach bars” that include Spinnakers, Sharky’s Beach Club, and Pineapple Willy's. On and off the beach are dozens of other beach bars that are ready to make spring break a memorable experience.

So if you want to go where the action is, Panama City Beach is the place to be. It is undoubtedly the number one spring beak location in Florida.

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Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach

Located at the Panhandle’s eastern most point on Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Beach has an old Florida feel with natural beaches and plenty of local hang-outs. It’s home to the Navy’s Blue Angels and over a dozen Florida beach bars, When spring arrives, it’s the temporary home to nearly a half-million breakers.

Pensacola Beach has all the fixin’s needed to conjure up a great spring break. Pensacola Beach is an island that has water and beach bars on both the north and south shore lines. The northern shoreline borders Santa Rosa Sound and the southern coast line is on the Gulf of Mexico. There are a dozen bars at the center of the island within a short distance of each other.

The sound side of the island is home to Quietwater Beach Boardwalk where you will find Capt'n Fun Beach Club the largest waterfront venue in Pensacola. The club hosts both national recording artists as well as regional and local bands. The Boardwalk is also home to Bamboo Willie's Beachside Bar and Hemingway's Island Grill as well as other restaurants and bars.

Just across the street, the Gulf side of the island features a selection of "toes in the sand" beach bars including;
Crabs We Got Em, The Dock, and Casino Beach Bar and Grille. Pensacola Beach boasts two Top 10 Florida Beach Bar's; Paradise Bar and Grill (4 years running), and Sandshaker Lounge (3 years running). The Sandshaker Lounge is the home of the original Bushwacker.

Tamer for spring break than its Panhandle rival Panama City Beach Pensacola draws mainly grad students looking for a fun but relaxed vacation. None-the-less, you will find some of the traditional spring break activities like bikini contests, Jello wrestling and foam dance parties. Bar goers share the beaches with families, snowbirds and a more laid back spring break crowd.

Just a bit farther west of Pensacola Beach and located on the Florida /Alabama border is the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package (The Bama). This is a one of a kind beach bar with many levels and bars each with its own bar and personality. Both Jimmy Buffett (Bamma Breeze) and Kenny Chesney (Flora-Bama) have written songs about the Bama.

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South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami

South Beach (SoBe) is Florida’s Rodeo Drive of spring breaks. Take just a short walk down Ocean Drive, and you will quickly realize that aside from the sometimes topless beach and a sidewalk lined with cafes, South Beach is all about the money. You will see people cruising in their Rolls Royce, and “beautiful people” of all ages hanging out at the bars. Rooms at decent places in South Beach are upwards of $300 a night, so you’ll either need a bigger credit card or to share a dorm sized hotel room with several friends.

At Florida Beach Bars like The Clevelander and Mango's Tropical Cafe the fun starts at 11 am and goes to 5 am. That’s barely enough time to count the cash drawer and clean the rest rooms. In other words, at Miami’s South Beach, you simply party all night long. From all day beach parties to clubs and VIP setting bars, there is always something to do. But dress for the occasion. People come to South Beach to be seen, and they dress to get everyone’s attention.

SoBe is trendy and chic offering the most sophisticated spring break location in Florida.  Locals and visitors alike can party with the best of them. Add it all up and South Beach is your place for the ultimate spring break. And if you’re lucky, you just might meet the person driving that Rolls Royce convertible.

St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach

While St. Pete Beach isn’t a typical spring break destination, it is a busy beach where things are always hopping – bar hopping that is. With over a dozen beach bars, St. Pete Beach is the Florida Beach Bar capital of the world. In 2014 four of Florida Beach Bars' Top 10 were on St. Pete Beach.;Jimmy B's Beach Bar, Bongos, The Toasted Monkey, and Harry's. No sense driving from bar to bar, just find a place to park and hit the beach. In fact, Jimmy B's Beach Bar was voted by visitors as the beast beach bar in Florida three out of the last four years. There are plenty of hotels most of which feature a beach bar.

Treasure Island is just up the street from St. Pete Beach. While you may need a car to get there from St. Pete Beach, it is well worth the trip. You’ll find that out once you arrive at Caddy’s, another beach bar where it is spring break year round. Caddy’s is a “toes in the sand” beach bar with a younger crowd and all the things you’d expect at a great spring break bar.

St. Pete Beach is old Florida with many beach bars. It seems as though every beachside hotel has a tiki bar that are more like tiny local bars. It doesn't matter. You are always welcome, and if you want something different it’s probably right down the beach


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