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Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida extends from Anna Maria Island on the south side of Tampa Bay down to Marco Island in the southern end of the state. The northern stretch of the west coast of Florida is protected by barrier islands and it is on those islands or keys that you will find the beaches and most of the beach bars. Keys and beaches in between include; Bradenton Beach, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key and Casey Key. Each key has a different personality and, therefore, different kinds of Florida beach bars. Although this is a long stretch of coastline, bars are far and few between.

Keys are the small barrier islands that border the shoreline of Florida. It is not the same as the Florida Keys at the southernmost tip of the state. Just because a person lives on Casey Key, for example, does not mean that they live in the Keys (southernmost island chain). It is a common mistake made by those not familiar with Florida.

South of Casey Key is the Fort Myers area extending from Punta Gorda in the north to Marco Island in the south. This long stretch of Gulf coastline includes; Englewood, Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Bonita Beach, and Marco Island. There are a wide variety of beach bars in the Fort Myers area, but the highest concentration of Florida beach bars is on Fort Myers Beach.

Bradenton Beach
Bradenton Beach is the northernmost key in the area we define as Southwest Florida. Bradenton Beach includes both Anna Maria to the north and Bradenton Beach. On Anna Maria Island, you can walk out on the pier overlooking Tampa Bay, have a cold beer, and enjoy the view of the beaches and Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

  Sunshine Skyway Bridge  
  Sunshine Skyway Bridge| Tampa Bay – The Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans Tampa Bay separating the Tampa Bay Area in the North with Southwest Florida.  

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans Tampa Bay connecting Tampa/St. Pete with cities to the south. It was completed on April 20, 1987 and replaced an older bridge that was partly destroyed when a ship collided with the bridge in 1980. Its sunny yellow steel cables make it glitter like gold. The Travel Channel ranks this bridge as Number 3 in top ten bridges in the world.

There are not a lot of beach bars on Bradenton beach, but there are several that make a visit there well worth the trip. Within walking distance of each other are the BeachHouse Restaurant, Gulf Drive Tiki Bar and Cafe, and Island Time Bar and Grille. Both the BeachHouse and Gulf Drive Tiki Bar are located right on Bradenton Beach. Island Time is just across the street, but if you like Lobster Rolls, you may want to just sacrifice the view.

  Gulf Drive Tiki Bar and Cafe  
  Gulf Drive Tiki Bar and Cafe | Bradenton Beach – Gulf Drive Cafe offers several ways to enjoy this "toes in the sand" beach bar. Sit under the cover of one of two largest tiki bars around or choose your own private tiki bar complete with 4 stools and an umbrella. Either way the views are great with awesome sunsets. Just steps from the beach, this is one beautiful setting.  

One of the oldest and newest bars on Bradenton Beach is the Gulf Drive Tiki Bar and Cafe. This beach bar has been around for a while, but in 2012 they began a major renovation. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and island hospitality. Gulf Drive Cafe feature two large tiki bars and smaller beach side tiki bar tables. This Florida beach bar also offers the perfect place to gather with your friends. You can sit on the shore and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico during the day and spectacular sunsets during the evening.

Longboat Key is just south of Bradenton Beach and houses condos and resorts. Longboat Key ends up at St. Armand's Circle, a shopping and restaurant district. Longboat Key is a great place but not the location for Florida beach bars.

Lido Key
Lido Key is a small barrier island with a great beach and two beach bars. One is at the Lido Key Resort which has a poolside bar right next to the beach. The other is the Lido Key Tiki Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club. But, don't let the Ritz association fool you. This is a decades old Florida beach bar that the Ritz, at the insistence of the locals, has kept in its original state.

Lido Key Tiki Bar is a classic Florida beach bar formerly known as Azure Tides. It is Sarasota's only beachfront Tiki bar. In its earlier days this small bar served up drinks and music to guests of the accompanying hotel and anyone walking up from the beach. When the Ritz acquired the property to build its resort, locals fought to keep the Azure Tides tiki bar intact and accessible to the public. Today the Lido Key Tiki Bar sits where it always did; right on the beach offering Ritz Carlton guests and visitors from the beach the drinks and music it did in the past. There is one difference. Food ordered here now comes from the Ritz. You will love the bartenders, Peter and George, who make the best drinks and who are friendly and personable.

  The Lido Key Tiki Bar  
  Lido Key Tiki Bar | Lido Key – The Lido Key Tiki, formerly Azure Tides, is an Old Florida Tiki Bar that has been preserved as part of the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort.  

Once you have reached Lido Key you have gone as far south as you can without returning to the mainland. Driving over the Ringling Bridge takes you to Sarasota Bay into downtown Sarasota.

Sarasota Bay
Sarasota Bay is located on the west side of downtown Sarasota and lies between the Gulf of Mexico and the barrier islands. It is there you will find Marina Jack, a large marina that is home to Sarasota's largest charter boat fleet including fishing, diving, sailing, cruising, and boat rentals. It is the location of two Florida beach bars; Marina Jack's Portside Patio and O'Leary's Tiki Bar and Grill. No, it's not an Irish tiki bar. This area is also home port to LeBarge, a tiki bar party boat complete with palm trees, live music, and a full bar. All of these Florida beach bars are within walking distance of one another.

Marina Jack's Portside Patio is an upscale bar that sits on the docks of the marina. It's perfect for boat watching, people watching, dancing, and just having a drink in paradise. O'Leary's Tiki Bar and Grill is on Sarasota Bay and has a large tiki bar and music daily in the afternoons.

  LeBarge | Sarasota Bay – Each night this floating tiki bar sets sail in search of the sunset. It includes a full bar and your favorite trop rock music.  

LeBarge is a beach bar on water. It sets sails every night in search of the sunset. The cruise takes about two hours. At the front of the boat, bow as you boaters would say, are both the full bar and the live entertainment. Entertainers are usually one man bands that play trop rock music. Ah, a floating Florida beach bar. And, there are beautiful mermaids and palm trees on board, too.

Leaving the marina head south to Siesta Key and beyond on US 41 for more beach bars. US 41 is called the Tamiami Trail. It runs from Tampa to Miami. Combining the two cities name produces the road name Tamiami. It has been designated a National Scenic Byway by the United States Department of Transportation for its unique scenery in the Everglades and the Big Cypress National Preserve. We just like it because it takes you to a lot of cool beach bars.

Siesta Key
Siesta Key is a barrier island and the home of Siesta Beach, consistently ranked one of the top beaches in the country. In 2011 it was selected by Dr. Beach as the best beach in the U.S. It is said by many to have the whitest sand in the world.

Siesta Beach is 99% pure quartz. Most beaches are made up of crushed shells, rocks or lava. Siesta Key's sand is beautifully white and so fine in texture it is like baby powder, and it never gets too hot to walk on. No matter how hot it is outside you don't have to walk, put down a towel, walk, put down a towel to move along the beach. So if you are looking for the whitest sand in Florida, here it is.

  Siesta Key Village  
  Siesta Key Village – There are a half dozen beach bars just steps away from each other in Siesta Key Village. Bars include: The Hub, SKOB, Gilligan's, Daiquiri Deck, Cottage, The Beach Club, and Blu Que Island Grill.  

At the center of Siesta Key is Siesta Village, just steps from the beach and home to a half dozen Florida beach bars. All are within walking distance of each other. There are no "on the beach" bars here but that doesn't stop locals and visitors from partying. Siesta Key is one of the best places to bar hop. There are 6 Siesta Key beach bars that are just a short walking distance from each other; The Hub, SKOB, The Beach Club, Gilligan's, Daiquiri Deck, Cottage, and Blu Que Island Grill & Bar.Just park once and party on.

The Siesta Key Oyster Bar and Grill (SKOB) is both a local favorite and destination of choice for many visitors. Like other bars in the village, the open air deck is right next to the sidewalk instead of the beach. So “people watching” is good here. SKOB has music every day of the week.

  The Siesta Key Oyster Bar and Grill  
  The Siesta Key Oyster Bar and Grill (SKOB) | Siesta Key – SKOB is one of our favorite Florida beach bars. Located in the heart of Siesta Key Village, SKOB is a great and fun place to go. The drinks are good and so is the food. Live bands entertain every night.  

Just a bit further south on Siesta Key and located at Captain Curt's Village is Captain Curt's Sniki Tiki. Again this is not directly on the beach, but a popular place nonetheless. It is part of, but separate from, the popular Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar. This outside tiki bar has the feel of a corner bar and the look of a beach bar. There is some music at the Sniki Tiki and more at Captain Curt's Backroom which features some of the best entertainers in South Florida.

Casey Key
Casey Key is an 8 miles long and 300 yard wide barrier island with about 600 residents, one of whom is Stephen King. It is lined with multi-million dollar homes and manicured tropical yards. Just after you cross over the north bridge onto the island you will find Casey Key Fish House, an old Florida restaurant and bar located on the Intracoastal.

The Casey Key Fish House is not as lavish as the island but does sport a newer tiki hut. The old tiki hut was hit by lightning and burned to the ground. When the County decided not to let them rebuild, locals banded together wearing lime green t-shirts at the hearing, helping the owners win their case. That's beach bar love.

  The Siesta Key Oyster Bar and Grill  
  Casey Key Fish House | Casey Key – This great Florida beach bar has boat docking and live music Friday through Sunday. Its imported sand makes you feel as if you are on the beach. Casey Key Fish House is also dog friendly.  

Venice Beach
Venice, named after Venice in Italy, is a beach town just south of Casey Key. In the 1940's it was home to Venice Army Air Base. The city of Venice acquired the air base from the United States government, with the stipulation that it always be used for aviation. Today it is Venice Municipal Airport (VNC). Three of the 911 hijackers lived in Venice for a short period of time while enrolled in Florida Flight Training Center or Huffman Aviation at the airport.

Venice Beach is known as the best place to find shark's teeth on the beach. In fact, it is commonly referred to as the "Shark's Tooth Capital of The World". Besides shark's teeth, fossils of other marine creatures are also found in this area. So, consequently there are live sharks in the water. Many are caught off the Venice Beach fishing pier that stretches out into the Gulf of Mexico. At the end of the pier is a restaurant and bar appropriately called Sharky's on the Pier. Sharky's is right on the beach and was voted Best Florida Beach Bar in 2013. It came in second in the 2014 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar competition.

  Sharky's On the Pier  
  Sharky's on the Pier | Venice Florida – Sharky's is the only beach bar on Venice Beach and is located at the beginning of Venice Pier. It was voted Best Florida Beach Bar in the state in 2013 and a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar in 2014.  

In the mid 80s Sharky’s was nothing more than a dilapidated beach concession stand. It was around that time that Greg Novack and Mike Pachota, who had moved to Florida from Michigan and opened Patches, a Venice Restaurant. They won a bid to open a restaurant, located at the base of the original fishing pier. Sharky's opened in February of 1987 with only 78 seats. Since then Sharky’s has grown in size and popularity. It is a favorite of both locals and tourists.

Tiki huts provide the shade, and the tiki bar is action packed. Sadly, there are not too many bars in this area where you can eat, drink and be merry while on the sandy beach of the Gulf of Mexico. Sharky's must be visited by all looking for great Florida beach bars.

In December of 2013, Sharky's opened Fins, a new upscale beach restaurant. The original Sharky's beach bar and lower level restaurant remains offering a true Florida beach bar experience. Upstairs Fins features a sushi bar, breathtaking panoramic views of the pier and Gulf, and a dining experience to match.

Englewood is located south of Venice and is home to four Florida Beach Bars; Farlows on the Water, Flounders Restaurant and Tiki Bar, Lock 'N Key Restaurant, and Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar. Lock "N" Key and Flounders are just across the street from Englewood public beach. The other two Englewood beach bars are a bit harder to find.

  Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar  
  Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar | Englewood – Located at the Stump Pass Marina offers a tropical experience and fantastic views of Lemon Bay. Travel by boat or car.  

Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar is located in Englewood at the Stump Pass Marina, a quiet location on Lemon Bay. It is on the water overlooking bay, has a tiki bar and is very tropical. Farlows on the Water is on S. McCall Road and draws some of the best and most favored entertainers around Florida.

Punta Gorda

North of Fort Myers and located on Charlotte Harbor, is Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda was nearly destroyed during Hurricane Charlie in 2004 which was a Category 4 hurricane. So, there are a lot of "new" and newly renovated places. Just as you enter the city you may notice the Four Points Sheraton located on US 41 just northwest of the small downtown area. What you won't see is TTs. This "sweet" little tiki bar is located in the Sheraton's back parking lot and facing Charlotte Harbor. Our advice is to find a parking space and sit back and enjoy TTs.

  TTs Bar on Charlotte Harbor | Punta Gord  
  TTs Bar on Charlotte Harbor | Punta Gorda – TT's Tiki Bar on Charlotte Harbor is located at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel on Punta Gorda Harbor. This tiki bar is located at the far side of the parking lot of the hotel.  

This Florida beach tiki has a half moon service bar with plenty of seats. Around the outside edges of the hut are plenty of bar seats with a great view of the harbor. Table seating is available inside. Outside the hut there is a man-made beach with pretty pastel Adirondack chairs. Get your drink and pull up a chair and watch the boats go by.

Punta Gorda is a great place for boating enthusiasts and home to Fisherman's Village, a resort and marina with a collection of small shops and restaurants. At the very end of village facing Charlotte Harbor is Harpoon Harry's Lounge & Raw Bar. Harpoon Harry's is the perfect place for boaters who can easily tie up to the docks surrounding this bar and restaurant. Harpoon Harry's has music on the weekends and a rustic atmosphere with an old Florida feel.

Matlacha (mat-la-shay) is a little fishing village just east of the bridge to Pine Island. Matlacha is the "gateway to Pine Island" as it is just before the bridge to Pine Island. This bridge has been nicknamed "the world's fishingest bridge". If you are a person who loves to fish, you better head to Matlacha. Enjoy the quaint and brightly painted shops along with little motels and cottages.

  Bert's Bar and Grill | Matlacha  
  Bert's Bar and Grill | Matlacha – Bert's has a long history dating back to the 20's. It has been a sweet shop, hotel, and a bar. Legend has it that it once was a house of ill repute. Today it is a one of a kind Florida Beach Bar.  

Bert’s Bar and Grill has a long history dating back to the 1920s. It has been a sweet shop, hotel, and a bar. Legend has it that it once was a house of ill repute. After World War II the bar became Mother's and later the Tilly Dilly Inn. Today it is a one of a kind Florida Beach Bar.

Bert's Bar and Grill. Bert's is the "hot spot" in this very small town and draws locals and visitors from the surrounding area. Located on the waters of Matlacha Pass, Bert's has boat docking and music Tuesday through Sunday. It is beer and wine only at Bert's. But this is one of those unique beach bars that you have to experience.

Cape Coral
Cape Coral is easily accessed by car or boat. It's a perfect port for boaters, no matter the size of your yacht. In Cape Coral at Resort at Marina Village is the Nauti Mermaid. This Florida beach bar offers a full menu with great food, live entertainment four days a week and a great view of view of the Caloosahatchee River, The Gulf of Mexico or Tarpon Point Marina.

Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach has long been a favorite of locals, snowbirds and vacationers. With nearly a dozen and a half beach bars, it is easy to see why. Even before you cross over the north Matanzas Pass Bridge (aka San Carlos Blvd.) onto the island you will find Parrot Key Caribbean Grill and Doc Ford's Rum Bar and Grille.

Once over the bridge you will arrive at Times Square, the heart of Fort Myers Beach. There are over a dozen Florida beach bars within walking distance of this town center. Many are right on the beach. You can easily spend a whole day bar hopping, walking from bar to bar. So park the car and flip flop your way from bar to bar.

  Parrot Key Caribbean Grill | Fort Myers Beach  
  Parrot Key Caribbean Grill | Fort Myers Beach – Parrot Key Caribbean Grill was started by a couple of snowbirds a few years back, and this Florida beach bar has grown to be a favorite to both locals and tourists. The decor is Caribbean and there are Toucans (stuffed) hanging from the ceiling throughout. You can come by car or by boat and dock at Salty Sam's Marina.  

Times Square offers a combination of both newly renovated and old Florida beach bars. Those located on the beach are literally right on the beach. Some have beach tables and chairs, volleyball nets and corn hole. There is plenty of activity all day long. There are a couple of pretty sweet "off the beach" Florida beach bars located on Old San Carlos Blvd. and across the street from the beach. All are worth visiting.

Further south on Estero Boulevard, the Island's only beach road, you will find even more beach bars. Getting from bar to bar on this stretch of road requires a long walk or a ride. During season the ride can take longer than the walk.

The list of Fort Myers Beach Bars

  • Beach Pier Side Grill
  • Beach Pub
  • Beached Whale
  • Doc Ford's Rum Bar and Grille
  • Lani Kai Island Resort
  • Lighthouse Resort Tiki Bar
  • Nemos on the Beach
  • Nervous Nellie's and Ugly's
  • Outrigger Tiki Bar
  • Parrot Key Caribbean Grill
  • Pincher's Beach Bar (Wyndham)
  • Smokin Oyster Brewery
  • The Cottage Bar and Grill
  • The Yucatan Beach Stand
  • Upper Deck at Matanzas

If you arrive at the beach bars by boat via the Gulf, you'll have to anchor off shore and wade or swim to your favorite Florida beach bar. But if you are looking for a place to tie up, you can find a spot on the inland waterway on the north side of the island. For larger boats, cruise on into Salty Sam's Marina. They can accommodate almost any size boat. You'll also be at Parrot Key, one of our favorite Florida restaurant bars. It's from Salty Sam's that the Key West Express shuttles passengers on a 3 plus hour boat trip to Key West. That's a whole other set of beach bars, but we'll take the Key West tour later.

  The Cottage Bar & Grill  
  The Cottage Bar & Grill | Fort Myers Beach –The Cottage (2011 Top 10 Florida Beach Bar) and the Lani Kai are two of Fort Myer's Beach's oldest Florida beach bars. Side by side, these two beach bars are toes in the sand, right on the beach. Many of the bars at this end of the beach are within walking distance.  

One of the most well known bars on Ft. Myers Beach is the Lani Kai which is part of the Lani Kai Beachfront Resort. It is located right on the sand of Fort Myers Beach. It has both a beach bar and a roof top bar giving you the choice of watching all the action from above or being part of the action on the beach below. There is music daily from noon until 2:00 AM. It is one of the favorite places to party on Ft. Myers Beach.

Right next door is The Cottage Bar & Grill voted a Top 10 2011 Florida Beach Bar by It is right on the beach and has live music 7 nights a week until 1:00 AM. It even has a walk up window on the beach making it easy to order a cool one without ever taking your toes out of the sand. So, you start to see a pattern here. Fort Myers Beach is near the top of beach bar locations and knows how to party.

One great Fort Myers Beach place to party is the Beach Pub. This small Florida Beach Bar is not just on the beach, the tables and chairs are in the sand. No hard drinks here, just beer and wine. But with the special beach setting, live music, great views, and your toes in the sand the best buzz you get won't be from the drinks anyway. I think it's referred to as a "Tropical contact high".

  Beach Pub  
  Beach Pub | Fort Myers Beach –Located in the sand of Fort Myers Beach. It is a toes in the sand beach bar. The Beach Pub serves beer and wine only. Their slogan is "Cold Beer and Sunsets Served Daily  

Tucked away at the Lighthouse Resort on 5th street, the island exit road onto San Carlos Blvd. is the Lighthouse Resort Tiki Bar. The resort is visible when you drive by, but the tiki bar is not visible. This tiki bar is tucked away under and around the Lighthouse Resort and is bigger than you might think it is. The food is good, the drinks are cold and the bartenders are quick and friendly.

The Lighthouse Resort withstood the ravages of Hurricane Charlie in 2004 and was the first hotel to reopen after the storm. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma set its sights on Ft. Myers again. Fox News set up camp at the hotel and with the use of their generators the tiki bar was able to stay open all night. What a great place for a hurricane party, indeed!!

  Lighthouse Resort Tiki Bar | Fort Myers Beach  
  Lighthouse Resort Tiki Bar | Fort Myers Beach – Tucked away at the Lighthouse Resort on 5th street, the island exit road onto San Carlos Boulevard, the Lighthouse Resort has good food, cold drinks, live music, and bartenders that are quick and friendly.  

Not all beach bars are on the beach. The Yucatan Beach Stand, once a Pizza Hut, is located on the street in Times Square. It is a beautifully decorated two story building with thatched roof. Down the street is the Smokin Oyster Brewery, a local favorite. At the end of the street Nervous Nellie's Crazy Waterfront Eatery offers the water view, food, and the entertainment. A short walk under the Matanzas Pass Bridge and you'll arrive at the Upper Deck Matanzas, right on the water. Add to that the Lighthouse Resort and Tiki Bar and you have five Florida Beach Bars within a short walk of each other. There is also a public parking lot tucked away under the bridge and parking lots in beach towns are often harder to find than a good beach bar.

Near the south end of the island is the Outrigger Tiki Bar, part of the Outrigger Beach Resort. This rustic tiki bar is a local favorite and is located right on the beach. There is music Wednesday through Sunday and plenty of places to relax and drink. The crowd is a mixture of hotel guests, locals, and people walking up from the beach.

  Outrigger Tiki Bar | Fort Myers Beach  
  Outrigger Tiki Bar | Fort Myers Beach – This Florida beach bar offers music and plenty of places to relax and drink. If you're looking for food, try the peel and eat shrimp or french-fried green beans! There's even more choices at the resort's restaurants. The Outrigger Tiki Bar has live entertainment several times a week  

You may also want to checkout Pinchers Beach Bar at the Wyndham Garden Inn. When the band is playing guests are either at the bar or sitting in chairs outside their rooms listening to the music. There are picnic tables on the beach and a sunset every night. And just after you make the turn off the southern end of the Island, but still on Estero Blvd, you will find Coconut Jack's Waterfront Grille on the north side of the street. Coconut Jack's is on the water, and you can get there by car or boat.

If Fort Myers Beach has one drawback, it is traffic. During season you can plan on spending some time listening to the not-so-live beach music in your car. The good news is that once you make it to the beaches or Times Square, you can walk to most of the beach bars. It is one of the true great beach bar locations in all of Florida.

Marco Island
Naples is just south of Fort Myers Beach and more of an upscale community so it isn't exactly a beach bar town. South of Naples is Marco Island, the largest of Florida's ten thousand Islands. Its beaches are lined with condos, hotels and a few good Florida beach bars. The most famous of them is the world famous Snook Inn Restaurant and Chickee Bar! Anyone who has visited Marco Island has more than likely been to the Snook Inn.

  Snook Inn | Marco Island  
  Snook Inn | Marco Island – Everyone visiting Marco Island has heard of, and most likely visited, the Snook Inn. The Snook Inn has been a Marco Island landmark for over 30 years and has a tiki hut and plenty of boat docks. There is a large bar, and lots of seating by the water, inside and out.  

Originally named the "Snook Hole," the Snook Inn is named for the abundance of Snook right off its dock. It is located on an inlet, not on the beach. The Snook Inn has been a landmark on Marco Island for over 30 years. Its thatched roof Chickee offers a full service bar with music 7 days a week. And if you are lucky, you may see dolphins playing just off the dock. Don't worry, none have been seen on the dance floor.

There are beach bars at both the Marriott Hotel and The Marriott Vacation Club. Quinn's is at the Marriott Hotel and right on the beach with music on Fridays and Saturdays. Stilts Bar and Grill sits on stilts, overlooks the beach and is part of the Marriott Vacation Club. Both are open to the public and are more upscale beach bars.

Just south of Marco Island is a town called Goodland, and a very unique Florida beach bar called Stan's Idle Hour. Goodland is everything Marco Island is not. But at least once in your life you must go to Stan's in Goodland. The best way to describe it is, well, there is no best way to describe it.

  Stan's Idle Hour | Goodland  
  Stan's Idle Hour | Goodland – Stan's is more than a beach bar. It is a unique experience. It is not always open so the check their web site for schedules. When it is open it draws a large crowd, so come early.  

Stan's Idle Hour is the creation of Stan Gober who was the owner until he passed away in 2012. It is a collection of shops, several bars and one large stage. At first glance you might be inclined to drive right by. But there is something about Stan's that draws you in.

Stan's is a unique place located on the water in Goodland, Florida. It is everything from a biker bar to a girl's day out bar. Stan sadly passed away in June of 2012. He used to do a show on Sunday afternoons that was fun and involved the crowd. But, this Florida beach bar lives on and has live music Tuesday through Sunday every week. Bands every day is a good thing, indeed.

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