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Benefits of Being Selected for's Top Beach Bar Listing
You are part of an elite group of handpicked top Florida beach bars. Your bar is included on our listing page, our interactive map pages, and has a dedicated listing and review web page. The listing page includes pictures, a map to your site, and detailed information about your bar.
  1. has hundreds of thousands visitors each year searching for Florida’s best beach bars. It is great exposure, and our link to your site helps you rank higher with Google.
  2. “Listed as one of Florida’s Top Beach Bars” window stickers.
  3. “Listed as one of Florida’s Top Beach Bars” web page icon and link.
  4. Listing and mention in “Traveling to Florida Beach Bars”, our book that details our travels around Florida to beach bars. (Included in the next update)
  5. Listing on our annual “Top 10 Florida Beach Bar” voting page. It’s FREE

Promote Your Beach Bar as One of Florida's Best
FREE Best Beach Bar Window Stickers

Top Florida Beach Bar Put our window sticker on your door or window, and show everyone that you have been "Rated a Top Florida Beach Bar" by The sticker is 4.5 inches square and designed to go on the outside of a window or door. It'll even work on bathroom mirrors.

Need stickers? e-Mail us, and we'll send you some at no charge.
Best Beach Bar Web Site Link
Top Bar | Link to our site and let everyone know that you have been selected as one of Florida's top beach bars. Copy the code below, and place it in your site at the location you want the image to appear. You can modify the code to link directly to your listing page.

<a href="" target="_blank">
images/sitelink3.png" alt="Top Bar |">
  Florida Beach Bar Logo

Vote Florida Beach Bar Large 9 inch (648 pixel) logo with clear background (png)

150 X 150 pixel logo with clear background (png)


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2015 Best Beach Bar Voting Promotional Material

2015 marks the 5th annual Best Beach Bar competition. Over the years, thousands of site visitors have cast their votes for Best Florida Beach bar. Get your share of the votes by promoting your bar on your web site and at your bar. Links and images are provided to drive your web site visitors to, the official ballot page for the competition. Images and templates give you what you need to create materials to promote voting for your bar to you patrons. Feel free to modify images, copy, or code to adapt the materials to your marketing material.

Web Site Promotion and Links
Image Code with Link
Vote Florida Beach Bar <a href=" " target="_blank"><img src="" width="220" height="71" alt="Vote Florida Beach Bar" /> Works with any background
png image with a clear background the uses a blue inside background with blue lettering
  VOTE for YOUR BEACH BAR NAME as the 2015 Best Florida Beach Bar
<table width="220" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" background="">
<tr ><td width="81" height="71">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="139" align="left" valign="middle" id="fbb"><a href="">VOTE for YOUR BEACH BAR NAME</a> as the 2015 Best Florida Beach Bar</td></tr></table>

Use this code to create a custom vote tab that lets you enter your name and directs voters to pick you as the best beach bar
Additional Promotional Graphics and Material
Vote Florida Beach Bar
QR(Quick Response) Codes let users with the appropriate app scan the code and link directly to a web page. In the is case, the web page is Add the image to tent cards, signs, etc.

Get the QR Code image for vote here
2014 Best Florida Beach Bars

Mock up of the 2015 Best Florida Beach Bar Award

600 X 380 pixel Best Beach Bar Award with clear background (png)

220 X 139 pixel Best Beach Bar Award with clear background (png)

Vote Poster This word document template contains graphics and content you can use to create signs or tent cards to promote your Florida beach bar. Enter your name in the designated areas to customize the piece.

Get the Vote Word Document Here

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